Import with european characters

Hello everyone,

we will send a campaign these days and i tried to import via csv the name and some custom fields of ours.

But when i try to import a character that is not english/US it gives me a rectangle instead of the character. Is there a way to fix this within my csv or do i have to edit it manually.

Our email will be UTF-8 formatted.


Diana Diana, 7 years ago

Hi Stephan,

You just need to ensure that your CSV is UTF-8 encoded as well. If you're using Excel it's pretty bad with encoding. You might try opening it in a text editor and saving that way. On Windows you can open in Notepad and in the save as menu you can set the encoding as UTF-8 there. There should be something similar on OSx (though admittedly I'm a PC girl, so I couldn't give the exact steps :) ).

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
steppe, 7 years ago

Hi Diana,

thank you for your tip.
I changed it with notepad.
Now i can import our contacts right.


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