Campaign Approval Process is taking forever with no communication

Been over two days with no response. I'm not getting any emails and am checking my junk folder.

Perhaps you're being completely blocked by our firewalls?

I've seen a lot of other users complaining about this in the forums as well and I have an email that has to launch tomorrow.

Please advise.


Diana Diana, 7 years ago

Hi Victor,

Sorry you haven't received our reply. We *always* reply to approval requests within 12 hours and in this case it looks like we replied to yours asking for some additional information about 20 minutes after it was submitted. It sounds like you must not have gotten our email. We're resending our reply now, so you should hopefully receive it soon, just let us know if you don't. We just need that additional information before we can proceed.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
victor.ortiz, 7 years ago

Hi Diana,

I still haven't gotten anything. Can you send it to: (personal pop account) looks like it's not getting past our firewalls/spam filters at all.


Stig Stig, 7 years ago

Hi Victor,

I've just resent the email to - could you let us know if you still haven't received it? Again we're very sorry for the trouble.


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