Making fields Compulsory

Hi There

Is there any way to make fields compulsory when creating a form for your website?

Kind regards

360true, 7 years ago

Andrea - Required fields are often used in web browser forms. The form collects the information and then passes it on to a "process" file that actually creates and sends the email with the results. You will need to add the code in the file that processes the form's data. For great examples, search "form required field". What script are you using to process the form?

DC, 7 years ago

Hi there

The forms i will be creating will be used on my website. What do you mean by script??  sorry im very new to this, these forms are being used with joomla cms.

360true, 7 years ago

I am not familiar with Joomla, but generally the CMS (Joomla) has the script built in with the module. Check the documentation as it is a very often used feature. Sorry I couldn't help further.
- Paul

DC, 7 years ago

oh ok,  i think that only works if you use their specific forms that they have created. Thanks anyway Paul :)

If anyone else has any ideas please let me know.

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