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On the Forward to a Friend page the "My Details" section in automatically filled in. Is it possible to have this blank to begin with? We would like to put a copy of our newsletter on our website (complete with the forward functionality) but if we do this then the "My Details" section will contain the wrong information (eg: it will have OUR information, rather than that of the random person who wants to forward the email).

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 7 years ago

Hi kateb, the easiest thing to do in this case is to add an archive of sent campaigns to your site. Folks who then click on your 'forward' link will be shown a blank 'Forward to a friend' page. It won't mess up your tracking, either :) Hope this helps!

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kateb, 7 years ago

Hi roshodgekiss

Thanks for your answer! I didn't know that feature existed! I can get the archived campaign to display, but when you click "Forward to a Friend" it redirects to a page which says "This link has been disabled for the archived version of this newsletter". Any suggestions to get forwards to work...???

Jarrod Jarrod, 7 years ago

Hi kateb, unfortunately the Forward to a Friend functionality is disabled for any web-archived versions of your email newsletters. We do this to avoid abuse from spam bots. The Forward to a Friend functionality will only work from within your email campaigns or from a web-version of an email campaign. Sorry for the confusion here.

kateb, 7 years ago

No problems. Is there any way we can set the "My Details" to be blank when forwarded from within the email or a web version?

Jarrod Jarrod, 7 years ago

Hi kateb, unfortunately not I'm afraid. A recipient will need to delete their details once the Forward to a Friend screen loads.

kateb, 7 years ago

I've noticed that if I send myself a preview (test) email, then the forward to a friend link shows up with the "my details" section blank - which is just what we're after. Is there any reason why we can't copy the URL for the forward page and include it in the email instead of the standard <forward> tags? And, is there a limit on how many times this can be used? So, for example, if we were to copy and paste the forward URL then, conceivably, 5,000 people could click it to forward the email? Will this work?

Jarrod Jarrod, 7 years ago

Our recommendation is to use the forward to a friend link from your campaign preview (inside your account). This link has a subscriber ID of 0, so it will not add any personalization to the forward to a friend page.

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