Customize text/language of landing pages


is it possible to change the language of the landing pages like "Please confirm your Email address", "Email confirmed", "Invalid Email address", etc. without setting up our own sites?
As this option already exists for the preference center, I think it would only make sense to add a language-dropdown for landing pages, too.

Perhaps you could even make it possible for us to change the text of the landing pages completely as the text sometimes isn't fitting, too formal or whatever.


Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

It's not possible right now, as those are all generic pages used for everyone by default. Setting up your own pages / error handling is the best way to go, because you have complete control over the design and layout.

Since Campaign Monitor is aimed at web designers, we find most of our customers prefer that level of control vs. partially editable pages.

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holder10, 7 years ago

Right, being able to completely change the text may be a bit over top. But how about quick language options? I actually like the default landing pages and could imagine that it makes sense for many people who don't want or can create own pages for that.

Jarrod Jarrod, 7 years ago

@holder 10,

Thanks for your input. We're always looking for ways to improve the application for our customers and language preferences are something we are looking into, so we'll take your suggestions on board.

When you say 'quick language options' do you mean a quick way to apply a global language setting to all default landing pages (perhaps also including the forward to a friend and preference center screens), or would you like more granular language control over each individual page?

vignisson, 7 years ago

Please add my vote for this request. It would be great to have the messages for each landing site in different languages. Then one could choose "Spanish" or "Icelandic" as the preferred language for all system messages like the "invald e-mail address" landing page.

Mathew - you mention setting up your own error handling, how is that possible?

All the best!

Jarrod Jarrod, 7 years ago

Thanks guys, I've added your suggestions into our system.

@vignisson, I think Mathew is referring to handling your errors/validation etc in the browser before the information is posted to Campaign Monitor. That way there is no need for Campaign Monitor to return screens such as "Invalid Email address" because the data has already been checked.

An example of this can be found here.

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