Problem with credits

Until now I've avoided offering my customers the ability to buy credits because they seem unnecessarily complicated. Now that autoresponders are here (and that's great) I'm forced to give my customers access to credits. So my issue is this..

Suppose I set the campaign fees at a delivery fee of $5 + 5c per recipient. And suppose that I set he can buy credits at 5c.

If the customer sends a campaign using credits he's charged 500 credits ie $25. But without credits he's only charged $5. This seems entirely wrong - why would he be charged more for using credits? The only solution I can see is to set credits at no higher than 1c. Surely there has to be a way around this, how do other resellers handle this?


Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

If you choose to markup the cost for credits, then yes, he will have to pay more to use those credits, including for the sending fee.

Unfortunately there is not  a way around that right now. It is a very complex area from our side and it was one of those calls where whichever way we implemented it was going to cause some issues.

We appreciate your feedback and I'll pass it on to the team here so we can continue investigating it.

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jorisput, 7 years ago


I've got the same problem redleaf has.
The sending fee / recipient fee I charge my clients do not have a 500/1 but a 250/1 ratio. As a result, I can't assign my clients credits upfront and still let them send campaigns at the rates I normally charge.
To get around this problem, I sell (virtual) credits to my clients, pay for the campaigns they send myself by credit card, and then balance their remaining (virtual) credits.

With the arrival of auto responders and more specifically the way we'll be charged for them, this workaround won't do the trick anymore.
I could of course buy credits upfront myself and let my customers use those to send auto response messages. The problem is these credits will also be used for all campaigns sent by my clients.

The easiest way to solve this (from a resellers point of view), would be to let resellers set the number of credits charged for the sending fee themselves for clients paying at a marked up rate. This way resellers can assign credits to their clients or give them the possibility to purchase credits upfront and still use a pricing scheme that doesn't necessarily involve a 500/1 sending fee / recipient fee ratio. If CM makes sure that the resulting sending fee (= number of credits for sending fee x marked up price of credit) amounts to a minimum of $5, there's no financial risk involved for CM.

Another solution, though less desirable, would be to have the possibility for resellers to choose for which purposes credits can be used (sending campaigns / sending auto responses / both). This way auto responses could be paid for with prepurchased credits and campaigns could still be charged to a credit card.

Until a solution has been implemented, I'd like to have the possibility to disable auto responders all together and to remove all mentioning of them in the clients' UI. Don't get me wrong: auto responders are a heavilly requested feature by my clients, and I'd love to offer it to them, but at the moment I have to tell my clients they can't use them (although they are accessible through the Lists & Subscribers tab in the UI) due to the problem mentioned above.

I'm sad to say that the addition to CM of a highly requested feature like auto responders, is making me look bad in front of my clients.

Hoping to see this solved soon.

Joris Put

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

Thanks for the reply,

Can you give us some more specific examples, just so we are clear on what you mean by "The sending fee / recipient fee I charge my clients do not have a 500/1 but a 250/1 ratio. As a result, I can't assign my clients credits upfront and still let them send campaigns at the rates I normally charge"

I want to make sure we understand exactly your situation.

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jorisput, 7 years ago


I'm charging my clients €10 for the sending fee and €0.04 for the per recipient fee.

Billing a client for a campaign to 1000 recipients
   €10 Sending fee
   €40 Recipient fee (1000 recipients x €0.04)
   €50 TOTAL

Same campaign with credits assigned to client
   €20 Sending fee (500 credits x €0.04)
   €40 Recipient fee (1000 credits x €0.04)
   €60 TOTAL

If I could set the amount of credits charged for the sending fee to 250
   €10 Sending fee (250 credits x €0.04)
   €40 Recipient fee (1000 credits x €0.04)
   €50 TOTAL

When using and assigning prepurchased credits, sending fee and recipient fee have a fixed 500/1 ratio.
In order to have a consistent pricing scheme for both payment methods (billing per campaign or purchasing credits upfront) resellers are forced to charge clients not purchasing credits upfront a sending and recipient fee with the same 500/1 ratio (e.g. €5/€0.01 - €10/€0.02 - €20/€0.04)

Letting resellers set the amount of credits charged for the sending fee themselves, would give them far more flexibility when it comes to pricing and still leave them the possibility of assigning credits to clients within a consistent pricing scheme.

Joris Put

edm, 7 years ago

Completely agree with Joris about the credits structure from a resellers point of view.

The other issue at present is that even if you don't give clients the ability to buy credits they still can access the auto responders feature which they need credits for. So you get calls from clients asking "what's this auto responder thing and what's this you need credit message?"

But on the whole, the auto responders feature is a great idea - it just needs some fine tuning for resellers.

jorisput, 7 years ago


You asked me for some specific examples, to make sure you understand exactly my situation.
I provided you with one.
Do you understand my problem? Can something be done to overcome this problem?

Chr1s, 7 years ago

Hi Mathew, I'd like to put my vote in for more flexibility in charging reselling prices also.
Our case is somewhat similar to that of Joris. We resell credits to our clients at 5 (euro)cent per credit. Because € 25 ( 500 credits x € 0.05 ) as a sending fee would be a bit steep, we prefer to charge 125 credits as a sending fee. To make this managable, we developed a kind of add-on to do the math for us and our clients. This add-on currently uses the CM RSS billing feed, which is not ideal, so we're looking at the CM API to develop something more stable.
However, it would be great if we could loose the add-on alltogether, and set our own sending fees in the native CM credit allocation system.

To clarify this with an example:

-- We allocate 5,000 credits to client X
-- Client X sends out a mailing to 1,000 recipients.
-- In his account, client X sees that 1,125 credits are deducted.
-- But of course you deduct 1,500 credits from our reseller account.
I'm guessing Readleaf, Joris and I are not the only ones. Especially when one starts to get larger numbers of clients (we have 100+) the administrative side of things can prove to be a hassle.

Would be great if you guys could take a look at this!

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