firstname not picking up name from name field

Hey, i have set up a campain, imported my subscribers who have a full name in the default name field. When i go to test the email under manual test i select the radio button for "Send the test using a random recipient's details to test personalization" which has my email for testing, how then do i send the email? do i have to input the email into the Send the test campaign to email field? When i do this all i get is the fall back and not a name from my subscriber list...

The HTML is working fine because the fallback appears.. not sure what going wrong here, any ideas?

(i am using [firstname,fallback=Customer] and their is a full name in the name field for all my subscribers)



Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Yes, you do have to put the address into the 'send the test to' email field.

The fallback shows up if the person  whose details are being used for testing does not have a value in the name field. If that is not correct please contact support at Campaign Monitor and we'll check it out for you.

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