Is there a plugin for syncing users in Wordpress with Campaignmonitor

I am looking for a solution that will sync wordpress authors with a list in campaignmonitor. I am using wordpress to let user sign up at my site and I want to sync the user base (authors) over to campaignmonitor. I have read that instinct might be doing something remotely close to this (they do it with subscribers?) but reading the 80+ comments complaining about the plugin does not give me any confidence in their solution.

It would be preferable if an update of the profile in wordpress would sync over to campaignmonitor.

This post is both a suggestion for a plugin of this nature as much as request for any info on a solution already available.

Best regards Thomas

thomasfals, 7 years ago

I will take the 138 views and no answers as a no to the existence of such a plugin.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 7 years ago

Hi thomasfals, welcome to the forums and sorry for not getting back to you earlier on this one. As you mentioned, Instinct's plugin is for subscribers and the authors (Instinct) have stated that it's not being supported or further developed at present.

I don't know of a plugin for syncing authors directly with Campaign Monitor, but you might want to try exporting the  author's details to a CSV using the "Users to CSV" Wordpress plugin, then importing this CSV to a Campaign Monitor subscriber list. It's a two-step process, but it should do the trick.

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thomasfals, 7 years ago

Hi roshodgekiss - thanks for getting back. I guess the CSV option is the only one for now. I was hoping for a solution that would actually sync the users back and forth. Lets say a user in wordpress would update their profile then the data would be synced with campaignmonitor and the appropriate fields updated.

Corneliu Corneliu, 7 years ago has a WordPress plugin in development that will integrate WP with OneSaas.
OneSaas already integrates Campaign Monitor so you will be able to sync WP to CM.
The plugin is in beta so please email corneliu at or contact us via the support page to get access to it.


OneSaas - Integrate Campaign Monitor with HighRise HQ,  BaseCamp HQ, Business Catalyst, Saasu, Google Contacts, FreshBooks and more.
brubrant, 7 years ago

OneSaas it's noy enough. I would a appreciate a plugin like that as well.

My intention is to make a "members only" area, on wich the members would be those who signup for de newsletter....

carloroosen, 4 years ago

Hi Thomas,

I created the plugin you wanted. Maybe it is too late for you but at least it can help others.

Read more: … -wordpress

Or download directly from Wordpress:

Cheers, Carlo Roosen

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