MailBuild API - Does it support GetIsSubscribed?

Hi - the CampaignMonitor API documentation lists the GetIsSubscribed method - will that work with a MailBuild list too?



Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Hey Mike, you can find all the available methods at - if it's not listed there, it doesn't exist yet :)

You can't use Campaign Monitor methods with MailBuild lists I'm afraid.

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jizepi jizepi, 9 years ago

Thanks Mathew.

So, I guess there's no way to check whether a user is already subscribed to a particular MailBuild list? It's not a showstopper, it just means I need to rethink my approach slightly.


Jason Jason, 9 years ago

Hi Mike, at the moment, there is no way to check if someone is already subscribed to a list. The most convenient workaround is to use the GetSingleSubscriber method, and if it comes back empty, the subscriber does not exist.

jizepi jizepi, 9 years ago

Jason, the API documentation for MailBuild doesn't list the GetSingleSubscriber method... I saw in this post that the method was being developed - is it done?


Jason Jason, 9 years ago

Hey Mike,

The GetSingleSubscriber method has been implemented, but not yet been advertised as we develop a couple of other methods for MailBuild as well as giving it's documentation an overhaul as well. You can always check out what methods are actively available by visiting the service address at

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