table of contents - what repeats and what doesn't

I'm trying to code a template with a similar TOC style to the one in the CM newsletter where there is a separator element between the TOC items, but not before or after the first or last items, e.g

First repeater title
Second repeater title
Third repeater title

But either i'm missing a trick, or there's a clever undocumented feature at work here.
Dave is using

        <td class="spacer_header"><img src="images/spacer-header.png" width="461" height="1" /></td>

which seems to magically miss out that last <tr> on the final repeat of the loop. wha?
Surely everything in the <tableofcontents> loop is repeated? Ideally, i'd like to do all the styling using just a css class that differs on the final item, but i'm willing to revert to tables if it's the secret way to do it...

Diana Diana, 7 years ago


You're right, there isn't a way to skip that bit of repeating. We're actually importing a completed campaign, that's why it isn't there. When using a template with the repeater functionality it is going to always repeat that same bit of code, there isn't a way around that unfortunately.

D. Potter
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