Any fresh-minded email designers out there?

I'm an artist looking to have one or two simple email templates designed for me for use in Campaign Monitor. At the moment I use a slightly modified free template from CM, and while I like it, I'd like to sex it up a bit. I have a very modest budget, so I'm hoping to find a young designer or someone willing to work with me despite my less than full pockets. In addition to some real currency, I can also offer generous praise, credits, and even some gallery quality prints. So, is anyone willing to help an artist make a sexy newsletter? Anyone?

Imaginary sailor, pretend photographer

arachne, 7 years ago

Hi There, I'd love to help you out, but would need to know a bit more about what's required before committing. Feel free to email on derek at

Thanks - Small Business Online
callmebalthazar callmebalthazar, 7 years ago

Thanks, Derek, just sent you an email...

Imaginary sailor, pretend photographer
silverbarrel silverbarrel, 7 years ago

We'd be glad to lend a hand to a fellow photographer if you're still looking.  Drop me a line at scottm at and let me know a few details.


Scott Morrish is a Victoria, BC, Canada resident, Director of Silver Barrel Solutions, and a lover of all things Vancouver Island.

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