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Name: Ros Hodgekiss
Location: Sydney, Australia
Email: support [at]
Short Bio: A friendly member of the Campaign Monitor team. Here to help get your email campaigns out the door.

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arachne, 7 years ago

Name: Derek
Location: Sydney, Australia
Email: derek [at]
Short Bio: I work with smaller businesses and organisations to provide them with online communications solutions that don't destroy budgets. - Small Business Online
amobbs amobbs, 7 years ago

Name: The Hatchery Limited - Andrew Mobbs (Techie) and Rohan Walsh (Designer)
Location: London, England
Email: info [at]
Short Bio: We are a small, agile and dynamic web and mobile design and development team who care about our customers and the work we produce. Our complementary skill-sets mean we produce beautiful sites and apps that function brilliantly and deliver the expected ROI determined at the outset of every project.  We are very proud of the work we do and the excellent track record we have with our existing customers.

dmTim, 7 years ago

Name: Design Militia - (Tim Smalley)
Location: Bristol, England
Email: contact [at]
Short Bio: We design and develop creative, easy to use websites and web applications by tying in our passion for good design with web standards and in depth user experience knowledge. Our portfolio includes a diverse range of work for businesses both large and small, ranging from simple static websites to full e-commerce driven sites and corporate portals.

spokehq, 7 years ago

Name: SPOKE.™
Location: Toledo, Ohio, USA
Short Bio: SPOKE helps businesses define and build digital marketing platforms that empower, influence and add customers. Simply. Effectively. Collaboratively. We also use Campaign Monitor as our exclusive email campaign platform, and can work with you to develop your own campaign designs and strategies.

jpadron, 7 years ago

Name: Juliana Padron
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Email: jpadron[at]
Short Bio: I'm an email marketing design specialist and run an email marketing business here in Brazil!

aizlewood, 7 years ago

Name: Jon Aizlewood
Location: Brighton & Hove, UK
Email: hello [at]
Short Bio: I'm an email design freelancer, and I've been designing & building emails for 7 years now, having worked in the industry for 4.5 at a leading ESP.   As such, I love designing email templates for clients around the world, and I'd love to do it for you too.  Check out my portfolio at

PS, I'm also (sorry guys) on the 'Experts' list over at MailChimp.
PPS, I can be a poly-email-lover - CampaignMonitor are awesome and they're doing *great* things for this growing industry.

get1up, 7 years ago

Name: get1up (Peter Collins)
Location: London, UK
Short Bio: Small (one person) e-mail and web design company specialising in providing services for arts organisations, charities and independent businesses. As well as e-mail campaigns and websites, together we can develop your social networking strategies across the internet; tailored to what you want to achieve.
Very reasonable rates reflecting the limited budgets non-profit organisations often need to keep within.

egockel, 7 years ago

Name: cre8, inc.
Location: Chicago, USA
Email: info [at]
Short Bio: We provide web strategy, design, and business development services for small and medium-sized businesses. We specialize in the ExpressionEngine CMS, PHP and .net development, and email/landing page marketing

jeshbarlow jeshbarlow, 7 years ago

Name: Jesh Barlow
Location: Happy Valley, Utah, USA
Email: jesh [at]
Short Bio: Hi! I'm an email designer with 4 or so years of experience with CampaignMonitor. I have just a few active clients using CM (a purposefully small, tigh-knit clientele) and while I specialize in design consistency across 15 email clients, I regularly create "cross-media" campaigns from beginning to end, including personalized landing pages (pURLs), which are pretty hot. Anyhow, I'm a super friendly guy! Hope to work with you.

eaf, 7 years ago

Name: Esteban A. Fernandez
Email: info [at]
Short Bio:
I've been designing email newsletter and also developed campaign specific websites for several clients in Spain, U.K. and Scandinavia. If you are interested in seeing more of my work and experience, feel free to contact me and hopefully we can work together in your next proyect.

fyredefyre fyredefyre, 7 years ago

Name: Phenom Solutions
Location: Sydney, Australia
Email: jordan.hunt [at]
Short Bio: Phenom Solutions offers specialised solutions for email marketing under one roof, saving you the time and expense of shopping around for other vendors. As part of our services, we provide design, build and implementation for your email campaigns that can be used by both technical and non-technical users alike. - Everything Email.
Email: Skype: fyredefyre
designraven designraven, 7 years ago

Name: Simon Rae
Location: Sydney, Australia
Email: simon [at]
Twitter: @designraven
Short Bio: Hi, I'm a Sydney based freelance creative with several years industry experience. I am specialising in website design and development with focus on user experience. I can deliver a successful online marketing campaign blending both creative ideas and technical expertise for small business/organisations. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss your next project.

Billee D. Billee D., 7 years ago
Name: William Dodson
Location: Southern Shores, NC USA
Email: info [at]
Short Bio: Outer Banks Design Works creates engaging, accessible and brand-focused experiences. With Campaign Monitor and our own MailWorks application you can see your email as you build it. All with multiple subscriber lists, reporting, and beautiful custom designs.

William Dodson
Outer Banks Design Works
southernweb, 7 years ago

Name: Drew Barton
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Email: drew [at]
Short Bio: An Atlanta web design company that offers award-winning website design services and powerful online marketing.

broeksmedia broeksmedia, 7 years ago

Name: BroeksMedia
Location: Alkmaar, The Netherlands
Email: mathijs [at]
Short Bio: Large experience with designing and building HTML newsletters

one2love one2love, 7 years ago

Name: Samuel Sampi Kamffer AKA one2love
Location: Plettenberg Bay, South Africa
Short Bio: I have extensive experience creating email campaigns for various clients, specifically The World Travel Awards and their various nominees and winners (Cornelia Hotels, Kempinski Hotels, Hilton Hotels, Orient Travel, 1Time, Rotana Hotels, Sheraton Hotels... and many more).

Rich Simisker Rich Simisker, 7 years ago

Name: Plasticle.
Location: Sheffield, UK
Email: info [at]
Short Bio: Blimey indeed. Here's what we do: E-mail design; build; testing, and copywriting. Here's what we DON'T do: websites, logos, printwork; "value" design; talk the seemingly standard business language of bull****. We're just two chaps with a shedload of experience when it comes to e-flyers, newsletters, autoresponders, landing pages... anything e-mail related, in fact. Even though we treat our work seriously, we love to inject a bit of humour into our work wherever possible.

Self-styled "Technical Boffin" at Plasticle E-mail Design.
webegg, 7 years ago

Name: Webegg
Location: Bournemouth, England
Email: info [at]
Short Bio: Webegg is dedicated to making the Web easier. I design with Web Standards to produce both inspiring but solidly built Web sites. This applies to emails too.

cullingsong cullingsong, 7 years ago

Name: Bryan Quilty
Location: Orlando, FL, 32803, USA
Email: bryan.quilty [at]
Short Bio: I have been immersed in the world of Email Marketing for 5 years. Within that time, I have designed, coded and sent out an innumerable amount of emails to millions of subscribers. I have the confidence and expertise you need to completely overhaul your design, code it to the highest standards, and make sure it gets delivered to as many of your subscribers as possible.

Whatever your email needs may be, I can help. Feel free to reach out to me if you'd like to know more about me or what solutions I can offer.

fireboydesign fireboydesign, 7 years ago

Name: Steve Hart / Fireboy Design
Location: Hampshire, UK
Email: info [at]
Short Bio: We are a freelance web company in Portsmouth - delivering quality e-marketing and online solutions without charging agency rates!

MAULCO MAULCO, 7 years ago

Mathias Maul, MAULCO. Marketing Consulting

Hamburg, Germany | London, UK | Kyôtô, Japan (uhm … wishful thinking)

hello [at]


Short Bio (English)
MAULCO. creates and shapes businesses that are focussed, efficient and full to the brim with happy customers. We specialize in full-service niche and online marketing, geared towards (among others) the medical profession, professional coaches and therapists, worldwide.

Short Bio (Deutsch)
MAULCO. macht Ihr Unternehmen zu dem, das es sein soll: Fokussiert, effizient, verständlich kommuniziert und randvoll mit zufriedenen Kunden. Wir sind spezialisiert auf Nischen- und Online-Marketing, unter anderem für Mediziner, Coaches und Therapeuten, weltweit.

Mental Golf Coach, niche marketer, bilingual ghostwriter, obsessive freelancer, hypnosis coach and M. A. in linguistics, compsci and English. Read about the gory details, social networking stuff and more at
spiegeldg spiegeldg, 7 years ago

Name: Spiegel Design Group, Inc.
Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
Short Bio: Spiegel Design Group (SDG) is a full service design and web solutions firm based in Los Angeles, California. We are an innovative and forward-thinking creative group that is focused on a client-centered approach. We help our clients increase their revenue, elevate their market presence, and streamline their business workflow.

Spiegel Design Group, Inc. -- --
ralph.m, 7 years ago

Name: Page Affairs
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Short Bio: Small web design and editing studio, specializing in small business websites, email campaigns, editing, proofreading and copywriting.

Name: Jay Chambers
Location: Manchester, UK
Email: jay [at]

Short Bio: No nonsense managed email marketing. I focus on great looking templates that get your message through to the reader - meaning my templates still look brilliant with images turned off. I also do image to html conversion - so your image will slip through the nasty image blockers!

My background is in marketing more than design - so i understand how to design email for conversion!

All the best,

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