Are you a designer and need a coder?

Are you looking for fast, compatible coding for your design?
Have you been up all night banging your head against the wall trying to get that one email client to display correctly?

Relax, you're covered.

I provide coding services for many international marketing firms and small design companies, and I'm here to help your design get coded.  I offer a low hourly rate, with the average coding and testing time of 2-3 hours.

The following is included in the 2-3 hour service time:
Coding for maximum compatibility & support in all major e-mail clients.
Complete testing using LitmusApp in all major e-mail clients including software, browser and mobile based.
Average turn-around time: 24-48hrs, with many being same day depending on workload and time of receipt.
Weekend and extended hour service available - I work with clients around the world, so hours are flexible to accommodate all requests.
Campaign Monitor template coding, including upload and setup within your client's account.
Note: Photoshop PSD's are preferred for the fastest possible coding time.

Interested designers or marketing agencies please send an e-mail to my address in the signature for rate, references and further information, or contact me via IM on skype.

Thank you,
Brian Thies

Thies Publishing is a freelance design, coding & marketing studio
providing assistance to other designers and marketing agencies.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 7 years ago

Props to Brian for being an awesomely well-informed and helpful member of our community! If you're a coder, please feel free to add your details to this thread as well. Check out our designer thread if you're after tips on this.

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happypixelstudio, 7 years ago

Tiraporn Olsen
Happy Pixel Studio
Skype: tiraporn.olsen
San Francisco based coder.  San Francisco Bay Area clients preferred.

redspark, 6 years ago

Name: Dhruv
Location: Vadodara, INDIA
Email: info [at]
Short Bio for Redspark: We at Redspark have a breadth of experience in working with email marketing as a standalone platform, and also have expertise with other major email marketing platforms like Constant Contact, mailchaimp, Iconnect, Campaign Monitor, Vertical response, Message maker, infusionsoft and numerous others to setup and deliver your campaign if you use one of these services as your email sending platform. We have designed and integrated email newsletters for all of the platform given above.

We are more than a one-size-fits-all marketing group. Our team is ready to embrace your mission and serve as partners in growing your business through abundant creative solutions!

Thank You

Thank You,

Redspark Technologies Pvt Ltd, INDIA Visit us at

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