Getting Bounces/Unsubscribes via API per autoresponders

I am looking into using the new autoresponder feature instead of creating multiple campaigns.

We currently use the following API calls to retrieve data on a per-campaign basis:

Are there similar API calls for autoresponders?

I found some API calls that work on a per-list basis, that almost fit the bill:
But Subscribers.GetBounced() only seems to return hard bounces, whereas Campaign.GetBounces() returns Hard and Soft Bounces.

Thank you for any help - happy the autoresponders are finally here!

jamesd jamesd, 7 years ago

Hey Matthew,

We haven't yet exposed the same reporting functionality for autoresponders via the API which we currently make available for campaigns. I've added your vote to this request internally though, so we'll update this thread if/when this feature reaches the priority of being scheduled for release.

goldvine, 6 years ago

Can you add my vote for Autoresponder reporting methods in the API?  Thanks!

jamesd jamesd, 6 years ago

Vote added.

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