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Hi folks,

I've got a few financial clients, and one in particular (an accountant) has just sent me a copy of his paper-based newsletter that he'd like us to convert to an email template. It's all pretty straight forward, but I've noticed there are several rate tables in the content.

I had a look at the editor in MailBuild and noticed there were no table editing tools. However if I add a table by editing the source, I've noticed that the editor supports table editing when I right click on the table I just created.

So, at first glance it appears that table editing isn't supported, but then it becomes clear that the editor does in fact support editing, just not creation.

Is there something I need to do to get table creation happening in the editor? If not, why is table editing available, but not table creation?


Wayde Christie Wayde Christie, 9 years ago

I'm guessing the only way to add tables is to define them in my repeater tags? This way clients could edit or delete them. This isn't an ideal situation, but if it's the only way to get tables in there so be it.

Hmm... Is it possible to create multiple repeating items? Maybe I could create a repeating item block with a table in it...

Wayde Christie Wayde Christie, 9 years ago

Scratch both of those ideas - any others?

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Wayde, right now we haven't enabled table creation from the editor to keep things as simple as possible for your clients. Of course, we do realise some clients have more complex editing needs, and if the demand is there we will consider adding support for them.

The table editor you noticed is built into the editing component we use, but as yet we haven't exposed the toolbar elements required to actual create tables. TO be honst , this is one of the first times we've had the request, so it might happen in the near future.

Once alternative to consider in the mean time might be providing your client with a simple tool to create the tables themselves which they can then copy and paste into the editor. Alternatively, they can add a table to their content via the source view if they know HTML.

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Wayde Christie Wayde Christie, 9 years ago

Thanks Mathew.

Something which would make the editor infinitely more flexible would be the ability for the account owner to customise it on a per client basis. Some kind of admin screen that allowed me to toggle which functionality I wanted in the editor would be brilliant.

And as for my clients knowing HTML - most of them can't even spell it :)

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