Highrise Synchronisation

Are there any tools out there enabling Campaign Monitor and Highrise accounts to synchronise?

Jarrod Jarrod, 7 years ago

There are no existing 'out of the box' integrations that we are aware of, but both Campaign Monitor and Highrise offer APIs, so depending what you would like to do exactly, it may be possible to synchronize the two.

Please see this forum post for more discussion on the topic.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 7 years ago

Hi check this out, I'm glad to say that integration with Highrise is now possible, thanks to OneSaas.

OneSaas is a web service that allows multiple web apps/APIs to communicate together. What's best is that it can push your contacts from Highrise, Basecamp, Freshbooks and more to a Campaign Monitor subscriber list. We've got a in-depth walkthrough in our blog.

Thanks to OneSaas for bringing this to life - there's even a free account to help you get started. We'd love to hear your feedback, however feel free to contact the developers directly.

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