Printer friendly version of e-mail?

I just had a client request a "printer friendly" version of their e-mail newsletter. (The newsletter is targeted at high school guidance counselors, who would like to print the newsletter out and leave it lying around their offices for students to take.)

Has anyone done this? Does anyone have any ideas? Off the top of my head:

* Suggest they print the web friendly version, which will likely print more consistently than printing the e-mail directly from Outlook, Gmail, etc.

* Take the text version of the newsletter and upload it to the client's web site; create a link in the newsletter pointing to the text version which they can download and print. (Or, can I add a "text version" link directly though Campaign Monitor? This would be great.)

* Take the content from the newsletter and put it on the client's web site. Add printer friendly stylesheet to web site.

* Create a separately designed newsletter using software made for print (e.g., inDesign).

Thanks to the Campaign Monitor community for pointing me in the right direction.


fyredefyre fyredefyre, 7 years ago

You could use the 'web version' link as the printer friendly version. You'll get more flexibility printing from a website rather than within a email client.

This at least requires no additional resources and can also double for those readers who wish to read the web version anyway. - Everything Email.
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arachne, 7 years ago

Hi Lynsey,

I read your question and was reminded of an article written by Vincent Flanders.

Essentially, HTML does not print well. If they want a print version, create an additional PDF file and link to that as the "print friendly version".

Thanks - Small Business Online

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