Update Subscriber's Email Address

Hi guys,

Is it possible to change a subscriber's email address through the API?

I've tried using (PHP):


with 'email' as a key in the fields array, but this doesn't seem to do anything.

davidaf davidaf, 7 years ago

The email address is the identifier in the system so this isn't possible, you would have to do it through the regular UI, or remove the old subscriber record and add the email address as a new subscriber, which of course would remove history associated with the subscriber.

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kevin22, 7 years ago

Hello Davida,

How do we "remove the old subscriber record"?  I know how to unsubscribe a user, but when I do this it adds them to the unsubscribed list and it looks identical to users that choose to unsubscribe.  I want to be able to distinguish between users that have updated their email address and users that have chosen to unsubscribe.


miren, 7 years ago

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