Adding Facebook Badge to left sidebar Template # 9


I only managing my own companies newsletter and so my knowledge of html is very limited, fortunately a basic template is all I needed so I have chosen Template # 9.

I have gotten as far as being able to change the header to my company header and changing font colours, now all I need to do is place a linked Facebook badge and Twitter badge in the left sidebar, for this I need help.

I have inserted the two images into the template folder but of course I need to insert it into the html sheet somewhere. Can anyone tell me exactly where I go, which file, which line to edit etc so that I can achieve this?

Many thanks


fyredefyre fyredefyre, 7 years ago

Hi Sarah,

You're going to need a little HTML experience to do this. Basically what you have to do is add another two (or more) rows in the left hand column to accommodate these images. If you're using Dreamweaver or some form HTML editing software you may find this easier.

Feel free to contact me below if you are still having a tough time. - Everything Email.
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