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A client that I've been creating newsletters for has been sending me different lists of people for different newsletters - each of these newsletters to have their own subscriber list.  I've ended up with multiple lists of subscribers and I think several people are duplicated across several lists. 

When I import subscribers to a new list are they removed if they are already in the system or do they still get added to the new list causing them to be on the system multiple times?  If so, is there a way I can see a report of all my subscribers across all lists to see where duplicates are? I'd like to be able to see if the subscribers are common enough across lists to suggest an alternate way of organising them inside the system to my client.

Thanks very much.

Ali :o)

Ben Ben, 9 years ago

Hi Ali,

When you import a new list, we won't add anyone that's already unsubscribed from another list, but we will add people who are active subscribers in other lists.

No, there isn't a way to easily see duplicates across multiple lists unfortunately, but I can think of a quick way you could test this. If you export all your lists, and then import them all into a single master list, we'll remove the duplicate for you.

So the different between the total number of subscribers in each of your lists verses the total number in the master list would give you the number of duplicates in the lists.

And if you did move to a single lists, you could use custom fields and segments to easily offer multiple newsletters to different targets while still keeping the one master list.

Ali Ali, 9 years ago

Thanks very much, that's exactly what I needed to know.

Ali :o)

Ali Ali, 9 years ago

Hi again,

Further to my original post it seems that the client has sent us 2 duplicate lists of subscribers that have been imported separately as different subscriber lists and each sent a different campaign, so I now have:

* List 1 (sent campaign a)
* List 2 (sent campaign b)

I'm hoping to tidy up the number of subscriber lists I have but if I delete List 1 from the system will it completely remove these contacts from my account or will they remain on there in List 2?  Also, will it affect any reports from previous campaigns that have been sent to List 1?

I'm using Mailbuild rather than Campaign Monitor if that makes any difference.

Thank you!

Ben Ben, 9 years ago


The lists are treated as completely separate, so deleting list A won't remove subscribers from list B.

And don't worry about your reports, they'll continue to work perfectly after the list has been deleted.

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