Outlook 2003 Spam Filter

I have recently completed an email template which has passed the design/spam test (Outlook 2007 flagged up that  * maintain (weight: 0.8) * costs (weight: 0.7) were causing the email to be seen as spam but we managed to test this in the email client and it came through fine.).

However, when i sent the design over to the client to for review, the email went straight into their spam folder.
They are using Outlook 2003 and i am not sure why this would be happening. It seemed to work fine in the test?

Could anyone shed any light as to what could be causing this?

Here is a link to the newsletter in question: link

Any help is greatly appreciated :o)

Jarrod Jarrod, 7 years ago

Hi karl,

It is possible for different installs of Outlook 2003 to have filters that produce different results. This is due to what they have 'learned' about the junk mail they have received over time. This explains why your campaign may pass the Outlook 2003 filter in your design and spam test results but be filtered as junk by your client's version.

Unfortunately, there is not a lot of documentation around how exactly spam filters work, which can make troubleshooting quite difficult. You're best to try removing bits and pieces and doing more test sends to find out which part of the content your client's spam filter didn't like.

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