Managing background colors in Hotmail on Firefox

Not sure if this has been covered already.

Problem: Regardless of an email's declared 100% table width, the Hotmail-Firefox combination collapses the email width to the widest hard-coded width of the email document; for example the widest image, body text table, etc. Thus any attempts to design an email with a colored background are thwarted, and the results can look pretty disastrous.

Solution:  Read more    Haven't tried it myself yet.

zapatoche, 7 years ago

zapatoche, 7 years ago

well I just tried that and it doesn't center anymore :(

CCode, 7 years ago
zapatoche :

well I just tried that and it doesn't center anymore :(

What exactly did you try?

zapatoche, 7 years ago

< style="table-layout:fixed" >

Redgy, 7 years ago

The problem anyway is preserved, the proposed version (< style="table-layout:fixed" >) solution - does not help ... SOS!

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CCode, 7 years ago

This is the cleanest Hotmail-Fix and it works:

<style type="text/css">
body { width: 100% !important; }

Read my posting in this thread for further details.

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