Email split tests: utm_campaign vs utm_content - Feature Request

We sent out a A/B test email to launch our new site: It went well and we tracked the visitor all the way to the sale using GA.

Part of our launch was is to have a couple of banners scattered around the web, these are all part of the "launch" campaign.

So when I checked GA I actually found 3 campaigns:

- Launch-VersionA
- Launch-VersionB
- launch

My understanding is that they should all be the same campaign ("launch").

From ThinkVitamin:

The Campaign: The campaign is the high level marketing activity that you’re conducting. Think of it as a bucket that holds other activities. For example, you may conduct a big "back to school"  marketing campaign. This campaign might involve an email blast to your newsletter subscribers, a special paid search campaign, and some banner ads. All of these activities are part of the "fall-sale"  marketing campaign.

The Google link builder supports this:

Used for keyword analysis. Use utm_campaign to identify a specific product promotion or strategic campaign. Example: utm_campaign=spring_sale

To distinguish our banner adverts we are using the utm_content param to break down the banner sitzes and content (they're for different products). The utm_content param should be used for the email versions as well.

From the ThinkVitamin post:

Content: The content attribute is optional and stores information about the ad that the visitor clicked on. For example, we may want to send out two versions of our email newsletter during the back to school campaign. The emails will be sent at the same time, but will contain different formatting. We say these emails have different content. Using Google Analytics we can identify which ad performed better for us.

From the URL link builder:

Used for A/B testing and content-targeted ads. Use utm_content to differentiate ads or links that point to the same URL. Examples: utm_content=logolink orutm_content=textlink

I think adding the Launch-VersionA, Launch-VersionB to the utm_content tag would allow better reporting.

leevigraham leevigraham, 7 years ago

Another things to consider. If multiple emails were sent as part of the same "launch" campaign then there would be exponential campaigns added to Google Analytics. This would become unmanageable and add more confusion when trying to report on a single campaign.

Leevi Graham | Technical Director
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