Web version with multiple pages?

A client wants to start sending out an email newsletter with several long articles in each issue – too long really to be shown in an email without a whole lot of scrolling.

Ideally, we'd like to be able to provide a template that would show only the first few sentences of each article in the email itself, followed by a "Read More" link. Each article's "Read More" link would send users to a web version of the newsletter (all with the same header/left bar TOC/footer), but with the specific article the user clicked on shown in its entirety in the main content area. Once the user reaches the web version, he could click on any of the TOC links to jump from article to article.

Here's an example of what we're trying to do: http://www.magnetmail.net/actions/email_web_version.cfm?recipient_id=69348004&message_id=1072907&user_id=APTA

Is there any way to do this with Campaign Monitor? Or will the web version we create always look exactly like the email we send?


Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

The web version really *is* the version you send, we just put it on our servers. So it isn't possible to have longer articles there. You'd just need to link to full versions on their own website instead.

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