Problem with Campaign.Create

I am using the PHP API wrapper to create a campaign from an html file created on the fly on our server. The problem is that it appears like some of the links I generate are getting corrupted by Campaign.Create.

You can see the html file that I point Campaign.Create here:

If you view the page in a browser you can see the links under the action column are correctly formed href's with query strings. After going through Campaign.Create they become something like

Anyone seen a similar problem?


Phil Phil, 7 years ago

Hi Nick,

So sorry for the delay in getting to this. Did you ever sort this one out? It looks like that campaign can't be found at that URL anymore, so it's hard to see what the original href's were. At DB level i can confirm that the links are still in place, with the longest query strings in the world, but i don't know if they are what they're supposed to be.

If you send through a support request perhaps with the original html attached or an updated import URL, we can take a closer look at it.


nickweavers, 7 years ago

Hi Phil,

thanks for the reply. I did contact support in the end. I found the mistake was in fact in my query string, which is, as you rightly say, possibly the longest query string in the world. It now all works nicely. Sorry i didn't post earlier to update the thread.


scottfullerton, 6 years ago


I had the same problem and it was in my query string as well. I finally had an expert coder friend of mine check it out and he quickly isolated the problem. There should be a program for finding coding problems like that.

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