Capture the reason for the Unsubscribe


This has probably been asked 100 x before but I can't find an existing post about this...

Is there a way of allowing the Unsubscriber to provide a reason why they have unsubscribed?

This would require a memo field to be included within the Unsubscribe page


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 7 years ago

Hi vaughanr, welcome to the forums! The best way to do this is to add a mini-survey to a custom unsubscribe confirmation page (hosted by you). Services like Wufoo make it really easy to do this.

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vaughanr, 7 years ago

Thanks Ros,
Does the redirect to our custom unsubscribe confirmation page provide the clients email so we can capture this in the mini survey form?

Diana Diana, 7 years ago

It doesn't automatically, but you can include the [email]tag in your redirect link to pass through the email address. Something like[email]as your unsubscribe redirect would automatically have the email address passed through.

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