HTML emails on BlackBerrys

Has anyone had any experience developing emails that will be viewed on BlackBerry smartphones?

We've been testing out some newsletter style emails, and are finding that the BB does not cope well with multiple columns in tables in emails. Add to that the fact that we're also having to support quite a few people using Outlook 2007.

The fallback is of course PDF or embedding a flat image, but I'm sort of hoping that we can avoid this.


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 7 years ago

Hi tmoakes, welcome to the forums! The most fundamental advice is to keep your email design as light on images, and as reliant on solid copy as possible. Keep in mind that handsets like the Blackberry 8900 Curve (as featured in our design & spam tests) don't display images at all! So, it's best that you stick to a one-column layout and ensure your email looks great, even with images turned off.

Plus, images and PDF files can be quite data-intensive. Don't forget the folks who are paying a premium for their mobile data plans.

You might want to consider linking to a "mobile version", or at least a relevant landing page that your subscribers can view in their mobile browsers, instead of in their inbox. You can then provide a richer experience and be a lot more flexible with the layout you use. All the best for your mobile email design!

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