Body Margins in Emails


which ways are possible to have a full background around a 100% table in outlook etc. ? i have an ugly white frame around the main table.

i think it should work with the body attribut but many email clients will not pay attention to the body tag and even the software i am creating mailings with is deleting the body tag completely andthe whole newsletter starts with my main table.

is there a way to fix this?

fyredefyre fyredefyre, 7 years ago

Well you are limited in what you can do here, but have a couple of options:

- Set you table to a fixed width instead and use additional cells as 'borders' to contain the background color
- Set your table to be less than 100% width  to reflect the background color (background will still be ignored in some email clients)

You may also set a parent table to contain a background color and have you body table nestled inside. On the whole though it's best to avoid percentages as you really have less control about how your email may render and how compatible it is across multiple email clients. - Everything Email.
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nomar, 7 years ago

i think my need was not very clear... currently my newsletter starts with a 100% table and a bgcolor. inside the table i have the content of a newsletter, centered and lets say 550px width... so i have my 550px content and all around a certain background color.

but outlook 07 for example does insert a big white body margin around the whole newsletter and i want to have that in my background color, too.

fyredefyre fyredefyre, 7 years ago

If you're worried about Outlook background in particular I'd try adding a style in your <head> tags to fix this:

body { background-color: #123456; }

This will fix your Outlook 2007 issues. - Everything Email.
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