How can I delete a subscriber?

I'd like to be able to update a customer's email on their account, so I had thought of deleting their old email in Campaign Monitor, then adding the new one.

I've noticed there's nothing in the API docs that suggests it's possible to delete a subscriber.  I can see Subscriber.Unsubscribe but no Subscriber.Delete.  Is this task possible with the API? 

Also, what would happen in the case of the same customer changing their email back to the previous one (unlikely I know, but go with me on this!).  As their old email is still in the system (in the deleted list), I can't then add them back in again - it returns a 205 error: Email Address exists in deleted list. Subscriber is not added

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

I realise we've replied via twitter and via support for you, but for future reference, the API does not currently allow a 'delete'.

You can do AddAndResubscribe though, to move an unsubscribed address back to active status.

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Joff Joff, 7 years ago

Thanks Mat, yes I wanted to cover all bases ;) and was going to update the forum with the outcome for other CM users.

The AddAndResubscribe should do the trick, I hadn't spotted that as I was blinkered into looking for a delete!  Thanks.

nasht00, 7 years ago

If I "unsubscribe" my users instead of deleting them, will they still count towards my list size?
It'd be nice to have a delete api.

lsiu, 6 years ago

I would also like to have the option the delete user through the API.  Thanks.

MattParker, 6 years ago

+1 for delete!

blackroger, 6 years ago

when Subscriber.Delete action will be possible via API?

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