Feature Request - Edit Templates online...

Hi there,

It would be really useful to be able to edit templates online.

I have a client who has about 8 templates, and as they always want to get the most out of their campaigns they regularly ask me to to for tweaks and enhancements to the template. At the moment i have to edit locally, re-pload the new HTML, re-upload the images and template thumbnail (whether they've changed or not) for all 8 templates. It can get a bit monotonous.

It would be really useful to be able to do one of two things...

1. Edit via the browser.
If i could do this, i could simply login int CM pick the template, edit the HTML (more often than not it's just text changes) and job done. No need to re-upload images and screenshots if i didn't want to.

2. Upload from the web.
Be able to browse to content online to update a template. CM would remember the location of these files so each time i wanted to update the templates i'd just edit them on my site and hit update in the CM templates area, rather than having to browse to a ZIP of images, my HTML document, my template thumbnail etc. I would just update what's on my server and CM would grab from there each time.

If either of the above are too complex to implement, perhaps using cookies to remember the locations of the files i upload for each template. Then at least as long as my files always stayed in the same place with the same file-names (which they do) the template update form would be pre-populated for me and i could just click "Update Template", job done.

What do other people think?

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

Thanks for your suggestions, we do see how that would be useful and I'll record your feedback internally.

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