Google Fonts


are there someone who are using Google Fonts on his websites?

I'm wondering about email software. Did you check it? Does it work?

Thanks a lot!


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 7 years ago

Hi Andrea, good question! I was curious myself about whether you could use Google Fonts in email, so I gave it a test.

Email clients it works in:
- Apple Mail 3 & 4
- Entourage 2008
- Lotus Notes 8 (funnily enough)

Email clients it doesn't work in:
- Gmail
- Hotmail
- MobileMe
- Lotus Notes 7
- Outlook '00/'03/'07/'10
- Thunderbird
- iPhone/Pad and more...

In conclusion, Google Fonts don't work in most email clients. As @font-face isn't an option either, I recommend you stick to the font stacks you love and know.

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