Getting subscribers to update details for a new field

I have a client that has a few thousand subscribers. They now wish to add a new field to their subscribe form and want to know if it is possible to prompt all of their previous subscribers to fill in this new field. They are going to send out future campaigns to specific subscribers based on this field, so it is important to them to get as many current subscribers to fill in the field as possible. Does anyone have any ideas about the best way to do this? Here are my ideas:

Should I send out a campaign to all of the current subscribers with a link to a page to update their details?

Or is there a way through the API to update subscriber details, for instance can I build a form for the clients site so that the users can enter their email address and enter the new field from there?

Or is it possible to include a new form in the campaign that will update their details, rather than sign them up as a new subscriber? This is my ideal option if it is possible, as it should stop any false entries (people entering other peoples address for example).

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

Using a preference center link would be the easiest way to go - it takes people to a form showing the fields they can enter. See for the details.

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marchman, 7 years ago

I had this problem when I added three new segments to an active mailing list of 1500. All the new segments were unselected. My problem was I needed them to be selected so I could send to the group. For example. The new segments were 1. Products 2. Newsletter 3. Events.

I updated my registration form but all the old users had not had this choice and as I mentioned the default is set to off.

The way round this was to download the entire list as a CSV file. In the CSV file manipulate the data through a find and replace method using either Coda or Dreamweaver to ensure that each entry is set to on. Depending on your fields the CSV should show the data as ,products ,newsletter, events, . Save the changed file and then upload the data to your mailing list.

The data wont replace the users as new users but will add the additional data to their entry. I would test it on an entry before you do the entire list.

We also tried sending out an email asking people to go to the preference centre. There was about a 10% up take on people changing their preferences.

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