Sending to all email not in a segment

I inherited a list of about 5,000 and imported all to CM.  There are only addresses, no name or other identifying info.  So I imported them all to one list.  I have been sending them segmented by domain, i.e., everyone at,

I have a few hundred emails that have all kinds of miscellaneous domains. Is there a way to select all the emails not in a segment?  I guess it would be a segment in that sense, but one that is a catch all.

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

It isn't possible to make a 'not in segment' rule, but you could create a segment with lots of 'domain does not contain Gmail' AND 'domain does not contain Yahoo' etc, to get the same result.

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akenney, 7 years ago

It seems obvious that there should be a way to suppress the various segments so that all addresses not in a segment are filtered.  I'm now left with having to figure out how to sift out over 2,200 emails not in a segment.

Can I delete all the addresses in a segment?

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