Subscriber.Unsubscribe, Subscriber.Delete and Unsubscribe Settings

Can we use API calls to add and remove subscribers to and from an auto-responder list, while respecting the Suppression list and not impacting other lists?

As an example, we put customers onto an auto-responder list when they register interest, which sends them a sequence of emails over time.  Once they do follow through, they should be removed from this list, but not from any other lists.  If they were on the Suppression list, they should not be contacted at all.  If they unsubscribe, they should be added to the Suppression list, but if we remove them via API, they should not be.  For bonus points, subscribers removed by our API call should be differentiable from those that chose to unsubscribe.

It would seem that a Subscriber.Delete API call would fit the bill, but I've read that it doesn't exist.  Is it on the cards?

Failing that, is seems the Unsubscribe settings of the list may help, but I'm unclear on a few points...

If a list is set to "Only unsubscribe them from this list", I presume this means unsubscribed addresses will not be added to the Suppression list.  Is this correct?  And in this mode, will the list still respect the Suppression list, and prevent sending to any addresses on it?

If so, using Subscriber.Unsubscribe combined with "Only unsubscribe them from this list" would cover just about everything except for two points:
- Manual unsubscribes initiated by the subscriber would not be added to the Suppression list.
- We would not be able to differentiate between API and manual unsubscribes.

Can anybody offer any insight or advice?

Paul Annesley

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