CNAME record isn't picked up by CM

I've created a DNS record, type of CNAME with the "" reference. When I do a DNS lookup from:, I get:

post.ourdomain.ext.    CNAME    IN    86400
ourdomain.ext.    NS    IN    86400    ournameserver.ext.
ourdomain.ext.    NS    IN    86400    ournameserver.ext.
ournameserver.ext.    A    IN    86400    IP
ournameserver.ext.    A    IN    86400    IP

So, it should be okay. But still, campaign monitor tells me differently, it shows the old CNAME record. It has been over 24 hours now....

matthaisz matthaisz, 7 years ago

Depending on when your server refreshes depends on how long it takes but, yeh, anything over 24 hours and I start to get annoyed to!

The cname looks correct. . although mine displays only the subdomain element in your case post when I administer the DNS. . .

Diana Diana, 7 years ago


I could be wrong but I do believe your CNAME record has verified now, at least I see one active and verified in your account. Sometimes it can just take a while to propagate and be picked up by our servers. If you're still having problems get in touch with support and we can take a look and see if we can shed any light.

D. Potter
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