Handling replies to our client's e-Newsletter

Hi all,
We are sending an e-Newsletter for the City of San Luis Obispo. Our send from domain is sanluisobispovacations.com (just like the website we built for the city). But we are actually an agency called Level Studios. Now, when a recipient replies to one of these e-Newsletters, we have the reply forwarded to a small group of folks internally here at the agency. Often, we want to reply to that message, but our response would be coming from our agency domain - and that's just not right. How do you handle these replies when you're sending for a client?


Diana Diana, 7 years ago

Hi Anne,

We just replied to you via support as well. This is a tricky one. Is it possible for your client to set you up with an email address that you can access from your offices? That you can check and reply from? Their mail admins may be able to set that up. Otherwise on your end perhaps you could set up your own internal address like sanluisobispovacations@yourdomain.com just do it looks better when replying.

D. Potter
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