Managing numerous lists which ignore the suppression list

We have a client who has a number of accounts representing the different departments within their company. Each account contains a number of subscriber lists representing the different user groups and the type of email campaign they will receive. In any particular account our client wants all the subscriber lists to be independent of each other in terms of the suppression list, i.e. have the ‘Only unsubscribe them from this list’ option selected. In this way when a member unsubscribes from one list (i.e.  Media Releases) they will still receive campaigns from any other list they may be on (i.e. Membership Information).

Can we have a link to the Preference Center on the unsubscribe page, even though the user by this stage has been unsubscribed?

I notice that the Preference Center has a link to “Unsubscribe from all Client Name emails" ; does this functionality work by implementing the suppression list? And if so will it be useless in this situation where all the lists have the ‘Only unsubscribe them from this list’ option selected?  Can this link be removed?

Our client would like to implement the Preference Center to allow the users to update their email address, but when the recipient changes their email will this update all lists with that information or just the current list?

Finally, most of the lists are already segmented and contain completely different information so creating one giant list with many segments is not really a good option for this client.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Tucker, 6 years ago

I recieved this response from Stig Morten Myre for anyone else who needed answers to similar questions, cheers Stig...

While the built-in preference center can't be linked to from the unsubscribe confirmation page unfortunately, you could always build your own preference center using our API which could be displayed here.

In the unsubscribe confirmation page URL, you can pass the [email]tag, which can be looked up using the API method Subscribers.GetSingleSubscriber:

In the built-in preference center, the "Unsubscribe from all Client Name emails" link does remove the address from all of that client's lists, and also adds the address to the suppression list. So this link overrides the unsubscribe settings you've set for each individual list. There's no option to remove the link.

If an address is subscribed to more than one list, updating the email address via the preference center will only affect the list that the campaign was being sent to. If the address was part of more than one lists that all received the same campaign, I believe the update will only affect the first list (alphabetically). However if the recipient clicks the unsubscribe link, they will be unsubscribed from all the lists that the campaign was sent to. Did that make sense?

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