Large lists and Subscribers.GetActive

Hi all,

We're trying to use the Subscribers.GetActive method to retrieve all active subscribers from our list. The problem is, our list is relatively large (tens of thousands of subscribers), and our PHP application is running out of memory. We currently allocate 512 Megabytes of RAM to a PHP script. I know we can increase this memory limit, but we would have to keep doing this as our list grows, which is undesirable.

Ideally, we'd like to retrieve paginated results for our entire list (maybe across 5 or 10 separate API calls). I see that the GetActive method takes a date parameter, but we can't use this to paginate since the farther you go back in time, you run into the same problem as above.

Are there pagination controls I'm missing? Or, does anyone know of another way to retrieve all active subscribers in a more memory-friendly way?


Ken Ken, 7 years ago

We're revamping our API area, and one of the changes will be to introduce paging of data in all collections returned by the API, including Campaign.GetSubscriberClicks. I hope that should meet your needs. That should be out towards the end of the year.

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