opt-in e-mail invitation best practices

We're working on an e-mail invitation to subscribe to a new newsletter from our company.

We have an existing list of folks that we do business with who already receive an annual party invitation e-mail. The new newsletter will be somewhere in the monthly to quarterly range and will have different subject matter.

1) Should the invitation include the first issue of the newsletter below it? linked to it?
2) Is one invitation to subscribe sufficient?
3) Is there a way via Campaign Monitor to facilitate a single-click opt-in, or will subscribers still need to enter their e-mail address in a sign-up form on our site?
4) Do we need to do anything special to ensure that folks who unsubscribe via this message (even though we're only collecting opt-ins) stay on our other list for annual invitations?

Thanks in advance,

davidaf davidaf, 7 years ago

Hi Ed,

There's a few things to determine whether you can send this campaign through Campaign Monitor or not. When you say you 'do business' with these people, do you mean they are all paying customers of your company? If they aren't, have they all given you explicit permission to be added to your company mailing list? If they've only given permission to receive these invitation emails from you, you unfortunately couldn't send this opt in through Campaign Monitor, unless it was appended to one of the standard invitation emails they signed up for.

If everyone on the list has actually given permission to be on your company mailing list, you can use Campaign Monitor to send the email, and you can construct a single click opt-in on the email. To avoid people unsubscribing from your annual invitations, I would suggest explicit wording, such as "Even if you don't sign up for our newsletter, we'd still like to send you our annual invitations. Please let us know if you <unsubscribe>no longer want to receive these invitations</unsubscribe>. This will unsubscribe you from all emails from us."

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