acquiring or issuing bank unavailable

I've given it quite a bit of time, but still can't seem to get a credit card to go through and therefore can not pay for a campaign. 

Anyone else?

russelllake, 7 years ago

same thing for me...need customer support quickly

nann, 7 years ago

Ah, well at least we know we are not alone.  I wonder what response we will get on a weekend.

Diana Diana, 7 years ago

Hi Everyone,

Apologies for the delay. It looks like our payment gateway is having some problems connecting to a couple banking networks. It's generally a transitory issue that resolves itself pretty quickly but it's obviously lingering right now! You should be able to process your campaigns now, though, but if you're still having problems please get in touch with support.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
kilbot, 7 years ago

Couldn't Campaign Monitor send the campaign and then bill us when the connection problems are resolved?

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