Opt-In Email Lands in Spam Filter

I'm having problems with a new list I've created that requires people fill out a form and then opt-in to the list through an email. The issue I'm having is that each time I fill out the form the email ends up in my Spam Filter. I've tested Hotmail and my normal email account (which is protected by Postini). Does anyone have any tips about what's going wrong? Originally I was using the default message from CM but I've changed it to this:

Hi [firstname],
Thank you for joining to the Welcome To Kelowna email list. To complete the process, please confirm you received this email. To do so, please visit the page below:
<a href="$$link$$">$$link$$</a>

If you were added to this list by mistake or no longer want to hear from us, visit the page below to be instantly removed from our list:

Help would be awesome, thanks!

davidaf davidaf, 6 years ago

Hey Sara,

We had another customer with this same problem and he found (accidentally) if he added this line to the email that he had much better luck with getting the confirmation mail past filters:

This email was sent to [email].

I'd be so interested if you tested this to find that it makes a difference in your testing, too.

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sarawackadoo, 6 years ago

No luck, it's still going into my spam filter.

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