Tell us what you'd like to see in the new version of our API

Hey all,

At some point in the near future we're going to be releasing a new RESTful API, which will include all the functionality of the existing XML-RPC API as well adding the functionality which has been most requested by you, our API developers. We obviously track all feature requests internally and have records of all the requests people have made via this forum as well as via support. However, I wanted to start this topic to give you the opportunity to make your voice heard clearly and tell us what you'd like to see us add in the new version of our API.

So, please tell us which API features are missing and which ones you'd like us to introduce into the new RESTful version of our API. Please be clear and concise. :)

Also, just to clarify, the existing XML-RPC based API will continue to work when the RESTful version is released, but we'll obviously be encouraging people to use the new one once it's released.

rudgr, 6 years ago

Love CM API, but whats really missing from the API is the ability to add multiple Subscribers in one request.

Would also be nice to be able to send a Test Campaign and get a URL to a Campaign Preview after calling Campaign.Create...

jdilelle, 6 years ago

Here are two that bugged me lately:

* Adding and updating multiple subscribers in one request.
* Standardize parameter names (i.e. sometimes it's Email, sometimes it's EmailAddress)

Thanks for listening and keep up the good job!

drebin123, 6 years ago

1)  Add multiple subscribers on one request (how the heck is OneSaas doing it?

2) Create a campaign that can be edited by customers via the CM editor (campaign added via API shows up in saved drafts, can then be edited, e.g. title area, description area, etc.)

Tijs, 6 years ago

Recently sent newsletters!

brendo, 6 years ago

As already mentioned, the ability to 'batch subscribe'

Another one, allow a callback URL for the preference center, similar to how the unsubscribe works so that our applications can be updated with user data :)

JonJoyce, 6 years ago

Few things:

* Create campaigns from templates
* List current draft campaigns!
* API for auto responders
* Get single campain by ID

Jonathon Joyce
bluesix bluesix, 6 years ago

One feature that I really love in JangoMail is the ability to be able to specify the recipient list via SQL query (via a predetermined DB connection). This gives me complete control over my recipient list and is much more powerful than segments, etc. I can do things like, for example: send a campaign to people that attended a particular event that work for a company in X category and are a member organisation and haven't done a particular course. Might be outside the scope of CM, as it would mean a lot of changes with your recipient system and reporting. But it's just something that I really like from a competitor.

jagwire16, 6 years ago

1) I would love to see timestamps added to all returned objects. Right now I have to combine the results of two calls, Campaign.GetUnsubscribes and Subscribers.GetUnsubscribed, in order to get who unsubscribed from which campaign and when. (same thing for bounces)

2) I need a way to see how many credits the general account has left and how many credits are assigned to a client.

3) It would be great to see more examples.

4) A Zend Framework wrapper for PHP would be great.

5) A call like Subscribers.GetUpdated would be fantastic. It should return all subscriber records that changed during a specified date range (startDate, endDate). SalesForce offers this and it's extremely useful.

jferrell, 6 years ago

Thanks for giving us dev's a chance to voice our suggestions, another reason CM rocks!

Here are some suggestions:

1.) Ability to create Test Campaigns
2.) More reporting data for sent campaigns
3.) Have the campaign id via the API match the campaign id in CM.

han, 6 years ago

- Add multiple Subscribers in one request
- Ability to get the IDs in URL (e.g. 7F8EF4EA589F9BA6) in addition to the API IDs (e.g. fa96a0650e29e9fa3abbcc1d8dde65cb). This would be great for a UI-level mashup with other Web apps.

andreand, 6 years ago

Please, I'd like to add more than 1 "repeatable areas". Also, I believe a lot of CM evangelists, as you can see here:

Currently, I'm developing the newsletter's template for my company, and this issue is requiered! Unfortunately, if it's not ready yet, we'll have to move to another tool :(


dboulos, 6 years ago

1 - Property to retrieve date & time, of Open & Click Metrics
2 - Methods & properties to manipulate previously created Campaign Drafts.
2 - Methods & properties to create new Campaigns, from previously sent Campaigns.
3 - Ability to add pre-existing client template by using TemplateID, when creating new campaign. Using the URL string, tends to auto add unsubscribe tag and distorts formatting of template

Thank you all very much for your consideration and a great tool!

Phil1, 6 years ago

It would be really useful if the Client.GetCampaigns method would include a 'PreviewLink' value or that a Campaign.GetHtml method could be added.

ktehrani, 6 years ago

It would be ideal for those of us who are re-branding CM to be able to create a default account with some templates ready to go. Then, there should be a "New Client Create" form (similar to the login form we alraedy have access to) to simply direct our potential new customers to signup under our account and get access to the default account and the templates, etc. Most of us who are re-branding CM are marketing our sites to a very selected group of users with very special needs. It would be ideal to give them access to their accounts immediately rather than collecting their informationn and manually creating new accounts. It is a series of repetative operations that we go through for every customer. I know that this can be done through APIs but it is a lot of wasted effort and money to customize for different sites, and hosting platforms, etc. In the re-branding business we would like to create new account for our clients on-the-fly and not take the chance of loosing them to the compatition. After all, in this day and age,  we all want what we want NOW.

djwhisky, 6 years ago

Ability to get summary data based on a date range - e.g. number of new subscribers, unsubscribes etc in a month.

jagwire16, 6 years ago

I want to be able to query subscribers based on custom fields. This is particularly essential when using foreign keys from other systems as custom fields in CM records. For example, we're integrating with SalesForce and one of our custom fields in CM is the SalesForce ID of the user in SF. If I want to find a user in CM with a particular SF ID, I have to pull all records from all lists and iterate through all CM records to find the ones with that SF ID. This is taxing and slow on the CM API and takes quite a bit of code to accomplish.

Ideally the call would be something like Subscribers.GetByCustomField('SalesForceID', '233509832520235098235') and it would return all users from all lists with that ID.

holder10, 6 years ago

Allocating credits through the API would be really great:

bradpollard, 6 years ago

addSegment please. Requested 2 years ago here :

JonJoyce, 6 years ago

Some extra documentation on API rate limits etc!

Jonathon Joyce
brendan, 6 years ago

Just hit a little bit of a road block in my development. To be honest I couldn't believe that this feature was missing (maybe it's not and I'm just blind - someone let me know if that's the case please!)

- The ability to update Billing & Access details without having to change a client's password!  Why not allow a call to Client.UpdateAccessAndBilling that doesn't have to include the username & password - and therefore doesn't update it (provided the other billing details already exist)?

Hopefully this is already possible ... :E

andymccormick, 6 years ago

Two things are really needed so that we can use CM from a properly integrated CRM solution.

1. Ability to pass a list of email addresses for a campaign.
2. Ability to be able to pass a template ID for use with the campaign.

With the above two options available it would enable CRM (or other) applications to be integrated much more easily and allow our end users to use CM without leaving their regular application except for admin tasks like creating the templates, etc.

bc173, 6 years ago

Billing > Retrieving charges that have been made.

To integrate it with invoicing and reporting apps like Freshbooks or Pulseapp.

moiva_webguy, 6 years ago

Would be useful to be able to create a segment based off of a specific link opened in a specific campaign and then be able to send a custom message, thank-you email to that segment using a predefined template all via an API call or set of calls.

trexart, 6 years ago

I'd like to be able to get ClientId by username and password.

I want to be able to have a current client be able to go to my site, select some free templates, enter in their username and password, then have those templates uploaded to their client area.

At the moment it looks as though I'd have to get all clients, loop through and get all their details and check against those details. That could end up taking a long time unless I cached the data.


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