image html problem, first try no go.

I'm a newby here.  Trying to get my first campaign out, and am stuck with this html coding problem.  To get the bulk of the (below) code, I plugged my text into Squarespace' wysiwyg editor, copied the html, then modified the two IMAGE areas (this is my problem).  Could you possibly take a quick look and let me know what the problem is with my IMAGE coding below??
Looking forward to learning (a little).

thanks in advance,

<p><span class="full-image-float-left ssNonEditable"><span><img style="width: 150px;" src="/storage/winthisbenchsquare4mailer.jpg?__ alt="" /></span></span></p>
<p>Big news from Robin Wade Furniture: We'll see you in High Point in October for our first-ever market appearance! Be sure to come see us in the new Antiques and Design Center (the former Maitland Smith Showroom Building at 229 W. Russell Ave). We'll be in booth A&amp;DC E-4a, right next to the coffee bar. Gorgeous, handmade furniture and a caffeine boost&mdash;what more could you want? <br /><br />Also, we are giving away a $4,000, one-of-a-kind solid walnut bench. You can enter four times to win&mdash;once on Facebook, once on Twitter, once with a Blog post, and once in person in High Point. Visit for all the sweepstakes details. <br /><br />We hope to see you in person and give you a look at the work we do at our booth in High Point. And, you never know, you may be going home with an original Robin Wade Furniture bench for free! Sign up to win it today and tell your friends to enter the sweepstakes, too. They'll owe you big-time (at least a coffee) if they win!<br /><br />See you in High Point! Robin</p>
<p><br /><span class="full-image-block ssNonEditable"><span><img style="width: 150px;" src="/storage/rwflogosmall.jpg?__" alt="" /></span></span></p>

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 7 years ago

Hi Robin, welcome to the forums! The images are not showing up because the <img> tags in the code are pointing to images presumably being hosted on Squarespace (and are using relative paths, too). In order to display images in email using Campaign Monitor, you either need to import the images with your campaign, or host them on a web server and point to them there (eg. img src="").

Learning how to code HTML emails is never an easy task, so you may want to check out this primer on coding 'Rock Solid HTML Emails'. Also, should you feel that you require the assistance of a designer, please feel free to browse our directory, or post a job.

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