PHP wrapper and UTF8 strings

Just wanted to post this in case it helps someone. I've noticed before that although Campaign Monitor's API appears to work in UTF-8, that UTF-8 character strings don't make it through correctly when using the provided PHP wrapper. I have a Danish client who needed this to work for obvious reasons, so I finally dug in and found the problem.

Turns out that the PHP wrapper assumes that the strings you feed it are not already UTF-8, and it runs everything through utf8_encode(), and trying to encode a string that's already UTF-8 produces gibberish. If you're working with Wordpress (as I often do), you'll run into this problem as the WP folks were smart enough to use UTF-8 as its charset.

The fix is easy, just remove the offending utf8_encode call in line 176 of CMBase.php:

$postdata .= '&' . $k . '=' .rawurlencode($v);

And then change the array2xml() function on line 492 so that $escape defaults to false:

function array2xml( $arr, $indent = '', $escape =false )
shane, 6 years ago

Also, I haven't seen this mentioned elsewhere, but if your server has PHP built with SOAP enabled, it's probably easier to just use the native SOAP support.

jamesd jamesd, 6 years ago

Hey Shane, are you using the latest code from GitHub?

If so, I believe the encoding problem you mentioned should not occur. I added the fixEncoding function to address this very issue.

Let me know if it's still an issue if you're using the latest code. Thanks.

danstramer, 6 years ago

Where in the code should I update the fixed utf-8 issue?
I am using the Campagin Monitor contact form 7 plugin


danstramer, 6 years ago

Got it, thanks
Just copied all the code from GitHub into the campaignmonitor.php file
the hebrew encoding now works!


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