Using multiple item layouts within a template

I don't think what I'm trying to do is possible within the campaign editor, but hear me out :)

I would like to create a template where each item can have a choice of pre-defined layouts.  E.g. 2 col: image on left and text on right; 1 col, text above image; 3 col: image with text underneath.

If this can't be done at present, are there any plans to add this functionality in the future?  I'm sure others would appreciate a bit more flexibility template layouts.

jerallyn jerallyn, 7 years ago

You could include all 3 item layout options in 1 template, make them repeatable, then you can delete the item layout you don't want to use.

enap, 7 years ago

This is (pretty much) the functionality I'm looking for.

I need to be able to create multiple 'content types' or 'items', each with a custom number of (mainly text) fields. Each 'content type' would be able to be styled slightly differently also. At the moment we seem to be restricted to basically 'Heading', 'Body', 'Image' fields of only 1 repeatable content type.

I've been looking into other solutions (MailChimp, PHPList, etc) however these do not have the nice GUI for creating messages, nor easily repeatable items. Is there any point waiting around for this functionality, or should I start coding? :P

Joff Joff, 7 years ago

Thanks jerallyn, that's a good idea.  I'll give that a try and see how I get on!

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