Multiple 'from' address in single campaign

We have a client that wants to personalise a campaign in terms of who the email comes from, as well as who it goes to.

The abillity to have multiple from email adresses, and also then personalise the content depending on who it is from (such as a contact tel. number) would be a great new feature.

fyredefyre fyredefyre, 7 years ago

Multiple from addresses are not possible, however I'd suggest setting up an alias email address that forwards onto multiple emails of your choosing.

In terms of personalization, you can use database fields to reflect specific contact information. - Everything Email.
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Jonas, 7 years ago

I have the same issue, and it's an important feature for clients that want to maintain a personal relationship with their clients, even with the simplicity of the "from" field being specific.

For example:
Large company with 20-40 partners and each responsible for their client base.
Christmas cards need to be sent out, but they should be from each partner, not a general company address.
  Or invitation to an event. That should come from the contact person (partner) rather than a general address.

One solution could be that a name and a reply address is linked to a subscriber list. That way each partner maintains his/her own list and the "campaign manager" creates one e-mail, selects the lists and various from versions are sent out.

The hassle of "Edit and resend" is too much in my oppinion.

Oh and the possibility to exlude the "unsubscribe" links from e-mail would be a great plus. It's not mandatory in all countries and not all e-mails that need templates and lists are based on subscriptions. :)

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 7 years ago

Hi Jonas, welcome to the forums and thank you for your feedback on this. We'll certainly keep the idea of tying preferences to your subscriber list in mind. Secondly, we won't be making unsubscribe links optional as they're not only mandatory in many other countries, but critical to maintaining our good sender reputation (and yours, too). There are other services that allow you to send the kind of alert/internal emails you're talking about here, but this isn't something we will be offering, I'm afraid.

Thanks again for your 2c! :D

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richardb, 7 years ago

Jonas' scenario about multiple from addresses is similar to my clients.

There is a list of subscribers.  For some campaigns emails need to go out from one of 3 regional sales offices depending on which office the customer 'belongs' to.  The email then needs to have the right regional phone number in it. At the moment we have to create three campaigns.  If we could use list segments for the regions, which determines the 'from' email; and also the contact phone number in the body of the message - this would be great.

Jonas, 7 years ago

You are absolutely right on the unsubscribe feature. It's a matter of reputation and I will use it prominently in my clients campaigns. Don't change a thing. :)

But the issue regarding different "from" names and e-mail (and probably specific fields within the text) is of real value as a feature. I would guess it's quite a common thing to have various regions, offices, partners and client base within each company, that all need the same e-mail coming from the proper source. 


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