Pay by customer - our company receives...

I looked through the FAQs to see if I could find the answer first. Now I am placing it here...

If our customers pay themselves, with our markup added, is there an FAQ on the website of how my company receives our part?

And I guess if we had a customer paying in British pounds and we expected our cut in USD then it would be converted prior to our part sent to us?

Thanks in advance for your input. - g2R

Diana Diana, 6 years ago


You'll receive your profit payments on the 5th of the month via Paypal. You'll be prompted to add in your PayPal address in your account as soon as you have client's paying with a markup.

We'll also pay the markup in the currency it was received. So if your clients are paying in GBP that's what your profit payments will be in.

D. Potter
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