Wrong landing page for form with opt-in checkbox for another list

Hi there

Basically I've i created a form for "List A", and ticked another list ("Newsletter") under "Add an opt-in checkbox for other lists".  When the user clicks the submit button it takes him to the thank you page of NEWSLETTER signup form, and NOT "List A", for which he is filling the form in - IF he has checked the opt-in box. IF they didnt check the "opt-in to the newsletter" box, then it goes to the right landing page

I had shifted elements of the form around on the form page from the generated code for styling, and thought that this might be causing the problem, but i even tried cutting and pasting the exact code generated from Campaign Monitor, and it still doesnt work.

anybody had this same problem?  Am i doing something wrong?


JD JD, 7 years ago

Thanks for your question. The List A form was single opt-in and the Newsletter list is double opt-in, which takes precedence when confirming or joining list. This is why you're seeing the Newsletter confirmation. To remedy this, you'll need to set the List A to double opt-in OR change the Newsletter list to single opt-in. Thanks.

Campaign Monitor Support
Markgt, 7 years ago

JD, thanks, i saw this just after your email reply came through. Thanks again for clearing that up. :-D

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