Custom unsubscribe and forward to a friend forms in my host

Hi CM,

I'm customizing the "unsubscribe" and "forward to a friend" form to be saved on my own host. I read that it is possible. Isn't it?

So, my question are:
1. Will the forms work right? I mean, if I keep the names and values of the form/inputs/etc., will the form work right?
2. And will they detect the format? I. e., will they detect that the email address contains "@"?

About the error messages:
3. Are they translated in the language I previously choosed?
4. Could I customize the appearence of the error messages?
5. When an error message appears, does the url change for yours ( or is my url host?

Thanks a lot!

Diana Diana, 6 years ago


The forward to a friend form only works in an email and only using the <forwardtoafriend> tags, I'm afraid it isn't possible to host your own version.

You can, however, create an unsubscribe form. To do that just go to your list page and click on unsubscribe settings. From there you can generate code for an unsubscribe form.

For that form there is some validation, meaning it will detect if an email address is valid. It will only remove addresses found on that specific list, though, so if the address given isn't on that list they won't be unsubscribed (as they weren't subscribed in the first place).

You can translate the language of the text. For the error, it is in English, so you would want to add on your own external validation in order to translate that as well. I don't have an example for you for that form, but just a basic javascript form validation would work. Then you can make it appear however you want it would show on the same page.

After unsubscribing they'll be taken to whatever confirmation page you've defined under Unsubscribe Settings. Since language is an issue you'll likely want to create your own hosted one and put that URL in as your unsubscribe redirect.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
andreand, 6 years ago

Won't the unsubscribe form work in my host?! I believe that we can achieve it by using some hack ...

Who knows about that? Some CM technician?

My client wants customize his form. Furthermore, the form is ready ... So, who can help me, please?

It's so important to achieve it, because my client has already admitted other lacks of CM, so he had to leave the previous design of his newsletter in order to adapt himself to CM. I achieved persuade him.

However, it will be hard to get it once! Because, unfortunately he knows about other tools like yours ...

So, I can't say to him that is impossible to create a "more" custom "forward to a friend" form.

It would be grateful that someone who knows a hack ...

Thanks for your patience!

Diana Diana, 6 years ago

You can definitely have your own hosted unsubscribe form on their website, just get the code from Unsubscribe Settings. You could also build something more custom via the API (

It's only the forward to a friend page that definitely cannot be hosted on your server, that is unique to each individual subscriber and will only function from a campaign.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
andreand, 6 years ago

Hi CM and friends!

I'm searching some technician that can help me, please. Read my post before in order to know what I want to achieve.

Briefly, I want to create a "absolutelly" customized "forward to a friend" form. I mean, I designed this form and I want it works. Doesn't matter if I have to upload to my host. What I need is the code!

It would be grateful that someone could help me, please.

Thanks a lot!

Diana Diana, 6 years ago

I am afraid that you do have to use our form. You can customize it in some ways (change the language, the color, etc) under the Client Settings tab (just click the forward to a friend link), but it simply isn't possible to use your own form with our forward functionality. Sorry.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
bougainville.turizm bougainville.turizm, 6 years ago

I have one client but every month we send two newsletters, one in English and one in Turkish. I have been able to customize all our subscribe and unsubscribe forms in both languages and post them on our newsletter, weblog, facbook, etc. The Forward to a Friend is where I am stuck. If I create a "new" client for the purposes of changing the language to Turkish then I am afraid I will open up new problems regarding the forms and links we have already. What is your suggestion how best to solve this?

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