Sender ID record - host wont accept key


DomainKeys/DKIM for my domain is setup and verified.  However the value offered for the Sender ID record TXT Name is not accepted by my host's ( DNS portal.  The sticking point seems to be the '.' after the domain ('').  If I enter '' (without the trailing '.') the system accepts, but then registers it as Hostname '@' and your verification says 'We can't seem to locate your Sender ID record'

Any suggestions?

Many thanks in advance,

Diana Diana, 7 years ago


Go ahead and try it the way your host requires it to be entered, the . isn't required by us, though many hosts require that is be there. It can take a couple of days for the record to propagate so it may just be a while before our servers will pick up it, that's why it isn't verifying right away. It won't be instantaneous.

D. Potter
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